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Join ED in Washington, DC... The innovative adaptive design was made possible by the methods developed by Ed Lakatos, which are currently available only in the software STOPP®

4th Annual Trial Design Innovation - Accelerating Safer Drug, Device and Biologic Development with Adaptive Trials:
July 14- 15, 2009 at Washington DC

Cardiovascular Trial: Designing for a Range of Alternatives in the Presence of Non-Proportional Hazards
Edward Lakatos, PhD, President, BIOSTATHAVEN, INC.

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The Clinical Trial Results website provides an excellent database of PowerPoint slides which can be used in conjunction with STOPP® to design new trials. Search the left navigation bar for specific therapeutic area of interest. See tutorial example below:

Flash video player View Tutorial: Use Adobe Acrobat to prepare a PowerPoint survival curve for analysis with STOPP®


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